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I guess I should write more often

It’s been months since I’ve been here, and it’s the same old reason — too busy.  I mean well, but time is flying by and, quite frankly, I’ve been spending much of it on myself and not on things relating to others. This year — since Samhain ’13 — has been an introspective one. Not by conscious choice, but it seems to be working out that way.

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Revisiting the past

“No matter how often you revisit the past, there is nothing new to see.” ~from Pinterest

It is true that you may not see something new, but you sure as heck can look at it in a new light.

How often have we committed a sin, taken an action, spewed out words that led to trouble or even trauma? In the moment, in that time, we would push the ‘undo’ button immediately, take it back, make it not happen.

And yet . . . time passes, and that terrible event becomes a defining moment, a moment when you were changed forever. More time passes and that defining moment becomes an integral part of your life, your story, your purpose.

I look back on the really horrible things that have happened to me . . . and I do not regret a single one of them. I would not change them, if I could. They are a necessary part of what makes me . . . ME.


As August comes to a close, it always seems as if life speeds up. Perhaps its the looming start of the school year, or maybe the energy of the harvest pushing us forward.

We have a great collection of books reviewed this month — many of them in the ‘energy’ category.

The Chakras Made Easy
The Cry for Myth
Energy Medicine Technologies: Ozone Healing, Microcrystals, Frequency Therapy, and the Future of Health
Free Your Voice: Awaken to Life Through Singing
Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People
Inner Alchemy Astrology: Practical Techniques for Controlling Your Destiny
Shaman Pathways: The Celtic Chakras
Tarot For Grownups
The Tradition of Household Spirits

Last month we offered:

Ancestral Path Tarot
Book of Rulerships: Keywords from Classical Astrology
Classical Solar Returns
Dream Raven Tarot
El Brujo (fiction)
Magical Times Empowerment Cards
Make Magic of Your Life
New Paths to Animal Totems
Skillful Grace: Tara Practice for Our Times
The Tarot Activity Book
Wiccan Celebrations

I hope the first harvest brought you joy!

Full Moon (August 2013)

Last night I did a full moon working for abundance with my coven and class. I did it despite feeling emotional mixed up. You see, I’d just had a lovely afternoon with my husband including a memory-sharing conversation about some early events from our relationship and serious snuggling. That said, my husband will be starting to work a late shift tonight, and for the next six months (maybe longer), so we’re about to just not see much of each other for a long time.

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It’s been a busy summer

As the title says: We’ve had lots of company. We have a new dog integrating into the household. Sasha’s ear needs surgery. We have family coming at the end of the month. J’s schedule is very likely to change to a night shift and has gone from PT to OT in the space of a week.

It feels quite crazy.

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I read this and was touched, deeply, on many levels.

How to live your life: Advice from an American student who was killed in Egypt

Andrew Pochter, a 21-year-old Kenyon College student from Chevy Chase, Md., was stabbed to death on June 28 during anti-government protests in Alexandria, Egypt.

For most of the past five summers, starting when he was 16, he had volunteered as a counselor for a program called Camp Opportunity. It is a week-long sleep away camp for at-risk children, aged 6 to 12, from the Baltimore area. Each camper is assigned his own counselor, and the relationship continues each year. In June, Andrew Pochter’s camper had turned 12, and was moving on from the program. Unable to attend the “graduation” picnic, Pochter sent the child a letter—one that summed up the way he was living his own life, and what he hoped to have passed along. It was read by Andrew’s sister Emily at Pochter’s funeral.

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Several years ago, J & I thought we needed a friend for Sasha. We thought she could use more play time and more time being non-people-focused. We wanted a dog about her size, male, friendly and calm. We hoped it wouldn’t be a swimmer, and it needed to be a rescue.

We looked. We went to events, and brought Sasha. It was a failure (although we did find the boys along the way). Frankly we gave up. Actually, we said, “if another dog is going to come into our lives, it needs to come to us. we aren’t going to look anymore.”

Meet Leo:



Leo has been fostering with my Mom for several weeks now. She loves him, but has some physical problems that make having a dog, even a perfect one, too difficult. I’ve loved all I’ve heard about him, and I feel he’ll be a great addition. He’s dog-friendly, cat-neutral, child-friendly, and apparently very mellow.

So my darling husband is driving to San Francisco this weekend to get him. Next week we’ll be integrating him into the house, and hoping all goes well.

After Ten Days

It has been an incredible 10 days. I am already experiencing dramatic — POSITIVE — changes; likely due to no longer taking Tamoxifen.

No weight loss, but that wasn’t the primary issue.

  • I am sleeping better, and more soundly.
  • My energy is profoundly better — much more even keeled throughout the day.
  • I feel more focused and ‘together’
  • I desire my husband again. (BINGO!!!!)
  • Its been easier to plan meals, and stick to the plan, and find healthy alternatives when the plan goes awry.

This weekend we took my measurements, because losing the fat all over is far more important to me than just losing weight. I’ll check my weight weekly, but only as a data point. What will be very exciting for me is a belly reduction of several inches.

I am a big believer in HAES (Health at Every Size) and my goals are focused of overall fitness and improvement. And stopping the Big T might just be the thing I’ve needed for several years now.

Tamoxifen & Mortality Rates

Some interesting facts about Tamoxifen and breast cancer recurrence:

In 2009
211,731 women were diagnosed w/ BC
40,676 died

In 2011 (approx)
230,480 diagnosed
39,520 died

In 2012 (approx)
232,340 diagnosed
39,620 died

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Some Big Changes

Y’all know I’ve been struggling with my health ever since cancer came into my life in late 2009. Surgery, chemo, and then Tamoxifen have all played a role in making me feel awful in a number of different ways.

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