Futuristic Flowers

There are so many amazing artists in the world. This is one I would have loved to use for the cover of The Virtual Pagan 2.0:

Its called “Futuristic flowers” and was created by Kristin Meyer. Check out her site at: http://www.salvagedesign.net/prints/space-flowers-mt7kr



Books I Read in 2020

Brown wooden shelves packed with books

I read, A LOT. Several hours every night. I always estimated I go through about a book a day. Granted some of them are cookbooks not novels, and there is a large amount of plain ole nonfiction which isn’t a lot of *deep* reading.

Still, I read a lot. Annnnnd I’m competitive. So when a friend commented that they didn’t believe I read a book a day, I got a little motivated and started keeping track. Here then, with no comment, is what i read in 2020.

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JaguarMoon Grows

Tonight, under a thin slice of moon, JaguarMoon added a new initiate.

Each time we do this I am humbled and grateful. we aren’t going to be a worldwide phenomena, just a small, strong, steady group. we have a deep purpose, and great pride. Each new initiate adds strength and diversity.

So mote it be!

Blessed be!

All hail JaguarMoon!