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June, 2006

Many Blessings

Last night, in JaguarMoon’s Temple, we birthed a daughter — Southern Cross. It was a magickal event that went far better, and far more beautifully than I expected (having crazily written the ritual a mere two days before). After Dedicating our newest member, we turned our attention to raising the energy and focusing it, until we manifested our daughter. I am …Continue reading →


We seem to have moved from a wet spring to an overly hot summer in a day. Mostly, its cope-able (the ceiling fans are a lifesaver), but my younger cat (Shasta) has taken to vomiting in the afternoon. Since its only then, its likely heat-related. But she doesn’t display the other symptoms of heatstroke (dizziness, bright red/purple mucus membranes, wheezing, excessive …Continue reading →

Dear Diary….

It’s going to be in the 90s today, pushing the envelope of tolerable for me. We had celing fans installed two weeks ago, today we’ll see how well they work. Otherwise, I’m exhausted. The company moves next Saturday, and I’m in the final stages of the push towards the end. We have (as can be expected) some last minutes structrual …Continue reading →

Solstice Joy

As is our wont, we gathered just before 7pm (PT) and prepared for our Solstice ritual. In former years, we followed a ritual handed down from ShadowMoon. That ritual celebrated the Lady in all of Her glory. Then, last year, one of our coven members (Daystar) metaphorically raised his hand and said, “um… excuse me, but .. where’s the God?” …Continue reading →

Returning to Health

On Friday (June 2nd) I went to see my chiropractor for the first time in more than five years. He’s a nice guy who works in downtown Seattle, and has changed little since the last tiem I saw him.  His practice has changed, however and he does a lot of mental/energy work along with the adjustments. Turns out that my recent …Continue reading →

Exploring themes

I’m a user, not a creator and the ability to change the look of this site with the click of the mouse is fascinating for me. I spent far too much time today looking for and downloading themes by others (check the site credits at the bottom of the page if you want to know who did what). And, of …Continue reading →