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Lift Your Voice in Joy!

One of my deepest joys (and vilest disappointmetns) lies within singing. When I was in college I had a friend who was a musician and he had the occasion to hear me singing (as part of a crowd attending a play). While walking home he informed me that I really shouldn’t sing, because I am […]

Friedman is one of the few authors I will buy the moment i see the new offering, beginning with her first novel, In Conquest Born in 1986 (gods, that makes me feel old). Her characters are exquisitely drawn, her worlds rich, and her story-telling skills superb. More importantly, she’s an author who fulfills the promise […]

My company is hiring another admin person, and I’m the one to do it. (I’m HR, after all, and the person would be reporting to me.) In the past we’ve gone through a local temp agency, and their people are wonderful, but expensive and looking to move forward in their careers — but the career is NOT […]

“Losing My / Your Religion Author: Patricia Telesco Posted: July 9th. 2006 Times Viewed: 3,659 It has been approximately 20 years since I dove into the Neo-Pagan ideological pool. Of that, the last fifteen years have been dedicated to writing and teaching about various aspects of our faith. Like any Path, things have changed over […]


Another day where I will spend most of it working for my mundane job — about 6 hours worth, to be exact. The rest of my life is falling ‘behind.’ I know I’ll catch up, but its making me a tad crazy in the moment.

(Full Disclosure: I am the Book Review Coordinator for TBP) The Beltane Papers, an all-volunteer magazine, has been in service to the Pagan Community for more than 20 years now. In that time it has weathered fair times and foul and succeed in producing a beautiful, scholarly journal of the Mysteries. Now, with the severe […]

… but a state of being. Yesterday (7/1) I worked 16 hours. All told, my work week (starting on Monday) was 60 hours long. Amazing. I haven’t done this ot myself since I was in college and combining part-time work with an over-full class schedule. My company moved from our quaint, but expensive and poorly designed […]