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September, 2006

Out — being (An Update)

It went perfectly. No, I’m serious. There simply could not have been a better way that the situation went. I spoke with my boss, the owner of the company, the next morning. I’d thought about what I was going to say (of course) but didn’t try to script it, because that doesn’t work for me. I just made sure I …Continue reading →

Out — being

It has finally happened — I’ve been ‘secretly’ outed at my workplace. It’s not like anyone has asked me about my beliefs, but someone finally did a Google search and found my so-called alternate life. I found out by accident — a comment overheard, a whisper misdirected, and I can put 2 and 2 together to get the right answer: …Continue reading →

A Guiding Light Has Passed…

Last night, peacefully, Marione Thompson-Helland left the physical plane. Marione was the Editor of The Beltane Papers, coordinating an all-volunteer group of women as we collected articles, poetry, recipes, reviews and information celebrating women. She first volunteered for TBP after reading issues #1-#4 and has been the editor since 1996. The mother of six, grandmother to nine, Marione earned a …Continue reading →