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November, 2006

Perhaps I Am Naive

But I find the news that Rumsfield is out, hours after the Democrats have regained a measure of control in the House (although the Sentate looks to be contested for a bit longer), gently ironic. I take it Bush can no longer keep his wishful thinking from becoming an embarrassing comment. “Days after saying Rumsfeld would be a fixture for …Continue reading →

Farewell to Marione

Last night I gathered with a small group of people and we held ritual to say farewell to Marione. I was honored that they asked me to priestess for them and although I wrote the ritual, they all had input and imagery for me to draw upon. It was lovely, and I know Marione would be proud.

This is the day (political)

My thanks to Aldous Tyler for putting the following so very well… *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     * This is it. It’s time to get up and go to vote.  I know, if you’ve paid attention to them, that the polls show that in the national races, the Democratic Party is coming out on …Continue reading →

Kids First!

Baj sent me this…. too funny.

Facing North: A Community Resource

Facing North (, soon to be one of the largest collections of reviews of neopagan/new age/spiritual books, music, and tools, is now live and available to our community. Created by Lisa Mc Sherry, an author and professional reviewer for the past ten years, Facing North is designed to be part archival storage, part historical database, while growing ever more vital …Continue reading →