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February, 2007

It’s Here!

My author’s copies of Magickal Connections arrived today — what a sweet surprise! Truly perfect timing, too, since I can take them with me to Toronto this weekend! It really looks good — and J. likes the Dedication. 🙂

Secrets Revealed

J. turns 35 in May, and that is a milestone birthday (in my view). So I decided to give him his dream vacation. Unbeknownst to him, in early December I purchased airplane tickets, a hotel room, and center-theatre 8th row seats for Mary Poppins . . . in London. Since then I’ve been a mistress of mis-direction and outright lies. Oh, …Continue reading →

Muy Thai Stories

J. really enjoys Muy Thai. It turns out that he really wants to get into the sparring side of the sport (I’m more interested in the physical conditioning.) That happens in the invite-only Friday night class. I’m proud to say that he’s improved so much over this last year he was invited to go. Before I go further, I want …Continue reading →

DM thoughts

Today I re-arranged my office. Since we moved in, my desk has been in the SouthWest corner, monitor (and therefore me) facing east. Now my desk is in the NorthWest corner, but rotated so now I face South. At tonights Dark Moon ritual, the energy shift was palpable. I barely called a circle when it started to pulse through me, …Continue reading →

Spamming the Blog

Did you know that blogs get spam? That is, the authors get spammed. I guess the idea is that lazy bloggers will automatically approve all comments to their posts and therefore provide free advertising for everything from politics (anti Bush!) to sex-related ads, gambling sites, and other such trash. Sometimes the comments are hilarious. I’ve had this one in my …Continue reading →

Bright Imbolc Blessings!

We had a lovely, lovely, lovely ritual last night. A whole new text, only loosely based on previous years, was ours to manifest. It came out great. (It is a bit tricky for me to say things like this, as I am the primary ritual writer for JaguarMoon.) We’ve been unhappy with our circle casting for a number of years. …Continue reading →

Slave to the Galley

The galley copy of my new book (Magickal Connections) arrived on Wednesday and its been consuming me. I’m not supposed to make wholesale changes (too late!), or worry too much about proofing (because there is a a professional copy editor going over it). But I’m a Virgo and I can’t help but give it a close read. So close, in …Continue reading →