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June, 2007

There are so many things wrong with this . . . Just starting with: its obscene that we need to ‘ban’ female circumcision. Sometimes I hate this world, or at least some of the people in it.

My Article is Up!

w00t!!!!  My article “Coming Together: A Look at Pagan Group Structures” is now up at Witchvox.

Things Mercury ‘Brought’ To Me

On Thursday — the Solstice — we were rear-ended by an uninsured motorist while at a dead stop in traffic. Bad news: it was rush hour, we got a huge load of negativity dumped on us for blocking the road, my neck and shoulders hurt and he was uninsured. Good news: I have excellent insurance, the car was barely damaged, …Continue reading →

Honoring Mercury

Mercury, the planet governing communication ad travel, is moving ‘backwards’ from June 15th until the evening of July 9th. I suspect that in these modern times, Mercury’s energy has a far greater effect on us than it did the ancients. Do we even notice when Venus moves retrograde, for example, or Jupiter? Generally, no. But when our computers seize up, …Continue reading →

Long Time Passing

I didn’t mean for there to be *quite* so much time passing between blog entries, but Life (as it frequently does) got in the way. That said, I don’t have much to post at the moment. My interview (based on The Virtual Pagan) with The Magical Buffet was posted in their May issue. It was a fun moment of ‘way …Continue reading →