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July, 2007


The muse came and sat with me a few times these last weeks, and as a result I now have several (paying even!) projects completed. The first is another participation in an anthology, this time on Wealth Magic. The cheerful Taylor Ellwood (prolific author extraordinaire and editor at Immanion Press) is putting this one together and I’m pleased with my …Continue reading →

More on RWB

There’s been a lot of name-calling, just-this-side-of-slander/libel (I can’t remember which is in print and which is verbal, and given the current state of confusion about what constitutes verbal and written when posting on a blog, I’m going to leave it as it is), and general ill-will. All of the authors who were to present at the RWB have withdrawn …Continue reading →

RWB, the Frosts and Drew’s War

I was accepted to speak at this year’s Real Witches Ball in Columbus OH and had agreed to do three workshops for them. This is a conversation I’ve been having over the course of several weeks with Solstice, their scheduling liaison. Yesterday, a friend pointed out an entry at Jason Pitzl-Waters’ Wild Hunt blog. AJ Drew, the conference organizer and …Continue reading →