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November, 2007

This is basically criminal

I ‘get’ wanting to be the first — but what’s the point if you aren’t right? Seattle Times link: UW Researcher faked AIDS data “Investigators found that Brodie falsified data in 15 instances — in published and unpublished journal articles, and grant proposals. The research in question included cellular responses to the HIV virus. . . “The problem with things …Continue reading →

Zen fool

I found this in a planner I’ve used since 1994. I have no idea where I found it — but I know I didn’t write it originally. What an interesting thing I told myself, back then. Zen Fool:  A Fool is one who goes on trusting;  A Fool is one who goes on trusting against all his experience.  You deceive …Continue reading →

Welcome Sasha!

It’s a new year, and we decided to celebrate by taking in a puppy. Everyone, meet Sasha. As you can see, she’s always in motion. Except when the puppy energy runs out and she falls asleep. Sasha is a pure-bred (but not registered) black Lab (Labrador Retriever). Born on September 9, she is just under 8 weeks old, and a …Continue reading →

Persephone Reborn Won!!!

About a month ago I submitted a story Dan Myers and I wrote several years ago — Persephone Reborn — to the Spirit One Writers Contest. Yesterday, I received this: First of all congratulations and thank you for your submissions.  Go here to read the entire Spirit One WebZine V 100 FIRST PRIZE Persephone Reborn by Lisa Mc Sherry and …Continue reading →