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December, 2007

Contemplating Martyrdom

“Just days before parliamentary polls in Pakistan, leading Prime Ministerial contender and anti terrorism crusader Benazir Bhutto was shot dead during an election rally in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, near Islamabad. “She has been martyred,” said party official Rehman Malik. The Associated Press, citing Malik, reported that Bhutto was shot in the neck and the chest before the gunman …Continue reading →

Yule Ritual

My ritual was quiet, both in feeling and after effect. Each season I ‘switch’ my altar around. This is not a huge affair, but a cleansing of the tools and a switch of the altar cloth to one that reflects the season. For winter it is a silk square (about 32″ on a side) with an intricate brown/gold pattern on …Continue reading →

Another Appalling Moment

Minnesota bans mercury in mascara. (go here for the original story.) And here I didn’t think such a law was needed. Mercury, for those of you who don’t know, is also called quicksilver. Once widely used in thermometers and other scientific apparatus, concerns about the element’s toxicity have led to such instruments being phased out in in favor of alcohol-filled …Continue reading →

Sasha Update (Photos!)

It’s been a  month since we brought Sasha home and all is going well. She visited the office for a day, and loved it. How not? Everyone who visits her brings kibble and is incredibly impressed at her ability to sit, shake ‘paws’, lie down, and roll over. (Any tips on how to train her to ‘play dead are appreciated!) …Continue reading →

catching up . . .

Thanksgiving was lovely. The whole family (the west coast contingent at least) was here to celebrate. Connor (no surprise at only 20 mos old) was more than a little upset at Sasha’s relentless “I want to lick your face” behavior, but didn’t actively cry. He just got right into an adult lap and surveyed the wriggling puppy from safety. (No …Continue reading →