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February, 2008

7:15am, Eastern

Heading home, and not too soon. The last three nights I’ve been unable to get to bed ‘early’ and it’s getting ridiculous how little sleep I’ve gotten each night. On top of which, I’ve watched a lot of TV. My brain is buzzing. Let me say, btw, that DTW has the WORST security checkpoints – not because they aren’t doing …Continue reading →

Convocation: SUCCESS!

What a great pagan convention! This group is very well organized, the people are magnificent, and the hotel is nice, too. Despite a mind-numbingly long travel day on the 22nd, I managed to find my way to the Hilton Detroit (Troy) fairly easily, although driving in the dark without glasses was quite tough — and I got lost and had …Continue reading →

8am Pacific/ 10am Central

It’s Feb 22nd and I’m on my way to Detroit (via Chicago) to speak at Convocation. The travel (as is typical) will take pretty much the entire day – a day that started at 4:30am when I woke up, even though I’d forgotten to set the alarm. (It’s a scary power I have). So now I’m in United’s Economy Plus, …Continue reading →

I love my polar fleece slippers

A bit of a silly moment here, but I just have to say how much I love my polar fleece slippers. I’d asked for a pair for the holidays, and my mother came through with flying colors from Lands End. These are great and I highly recommend them – especially for flying! They are warm (being fleece) and there’s a …Continue reading →


Sadly, although I was accepted to speak (“Magickal Group Dynamics”) at Pantheacon this year, I will not be able to present. You see, they couldn’t give me an acceptable time slot although I was able to speak at any time slot on Sunday or Monday, except 9am. Why not 9am? Simply because the first flight out of Seattle into San …Continue reading →