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April, 2008

Bright Beltane Blessings!

Today my tradition celebrates Beltane. Daystar would argue that today marks the beginning of summer. Since it hailed last night and was nearly freezing cold, I’m not sure I can agree. Dragonsgrail has returned from her most recent journey to the Underworld and I am looking forward to working with both of the them once again. The seasons are changing, …Continue reading →

Manifesting — or Controlling?

Back in January I wondered aloud if I was stuck in a rut or genuinely taking advantage of the season to be quiet. Krishanna replied: I think in general terms, many pagans are control freaks and try to control their lives rather than accepting life on life’s terms sometimes. There is a certain magic inherent in life, I think, and …Continue reading →

Green v Wetlands: responses

Lupabitch replied: I think if you can sufficiently hide the doo in the wetlands so nobody complains, that would be the best option. Otherwise, if you have to use a bag, get a small garbage can with a tight lid and keep it outdoors. Empty the little bag into it, and toss the whole thing weekly–that will at least help …Continue reading →

Green vs. Wetlands

We have a puppy, and unlike my pervious fur friends (cats), she needs to eliminate in the great outdoors, about 3x a day. To cut down on waste (literally) our housing complex provides doggy-do bags — dark plastic — which is great, as we don’t get plastic bags from the grocery store. Right next to our house is a small …Continue reading →

Garden Time

The week before last, the weather was gorgeous: warm (70*) and just right for gardening. Which was perfect as my Gardener’s Supply order had just arrived. Yes, I know, ordering planters is an egregious waste of energy (they came from Vermont, about as far away as possible) but I literally could not find what I wanted/needed at any of the …Continue reading →

Project(s) Update (with pics!)

My friend got his gift, and loved it (yay!). Here’s some pics so you can admire my handiwork. The Knitting Bag — note the groovy handles. A close up of the fabric (it’s sturdy, natural fabric — a woven cotton I think). Upholstery weight and doubled so it should hold up to years of being stuffed with projects. Finally, a …Continue reading →


For now, I have to keep the actual item a secret, but I just finished making technocowboy‘s birthday gift. The actual birthday was about a month ago, but the inspiration didn’t come until then, and it took me time to find the materials and work out the actual process of making it. Which is how i basically do all of …Continue reading →

The smell of spring

is finally here. Two weeks ago we had snow, last weekend it was sleet and hail. Today I awoke to sunshine, and the realization that the heater hadn’t turned on once last night. So today I am gardening. I have several new planters that I am installing on the front porch. After a run to the nursery, I’ll be adding …Continue reading →

Intellectual vs Material Wealth

Another concept that came up at dinner is that of material possessions. There gets to be a point when owning more doesn’t make sense. I’ve always been a fan of quality over quantity, and function as more important than quality (sadly, but economically sometimes necessary). Even so, as I get older I’m finding that I want to own fewer possessions, …Continue reading →

(Insert Relevant Title Here)

Day 2 of the conference, and nice memories of my visit here with my father. At dinner last night (at the always exquisite gem of Matyson) I found myself reflecting on the fact that my family spends a great deal of its time together focusing on meals. We’re not quite so bad as to be talking about dinner while eating …Continue reading →