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June, 2008

Woodsmoke in the Hills

As we drove through Oregon, traveling the I-5 corridor, we marveled at the heat haze. It was dense enough to obscure the horizon, and even turned the nearby hills a dingy brown. What else could it be when its 100* degrees outside for a few days in a row? Smoke. Specifically, smoke from the wildfires raging through Northern California. Intellectually, …Continue reading →

I am Dr. Doom

You are Dr. Doom Dr. Doom 70% Green Goblin 64% Lex Luthor 62% Mr. Freeze 56% Apocalypse 52% Kingpin 49% The Joker 48% Catwoman 48% Poison Ivy 47% Magneto 43% Dark Phoenix 39% Venom 36% Riddler 36% Juggernaut 32% Mystique 28% Two-Face 28% Blessed with smarts and power but burdened by vanity. Click here to take the “Which Super Villain …Continue reading →

Fragment of a dream . . .

It’s the last image from a fairly long dream involving a house full of people. A tall, beautiful black man said to me, “I watched you sleep for awhile. Did you know you sleep with your hands clasped to your mouth? It’s like you are praying when you sleep. An angel you are indeed.” I awoke with a song in …Continue reading →


Small white flowers, bunchy green leaves . . . my favorite groundcover, and perfect for growing in containers full of otherwise taller plants. This year I planted a bunch of allyssium from the nursery, but also bought a couple of packets of seeds (as well as a packet of delphinium seeds) because I wondered if could grow my own. This …Continue reading →