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Subtly Supporting . . .

You may remember a case making its way through the courts because a woman posted a short video on her blog of her baby playing to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” song. Yes, apparently this is a violation of copyright or somesuch nonsense. See it: http://piggyhawk.wordpress.com/2008/07/21/half-a-million


My mother’s mother lives alone more than 30 minutes from the nearest hospital, and is in her late 80s. (Yes, I know, the whole family knows, but she has very succintly told us all she wants to be left alone.) Several months ago, she fell down and wound up in rehab for a broken pelvic […]

Wrecked Cakes

My thanks to the wordsmith for this: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ not always worksafe. absolutely not drink+keyboard safe. view with caution.

(To read my original post, see: Full Moon in Capricorn) Magic is fascinating, especially when it happens in your life unexpectedly. I found myself in conversation with my sister C. on Friday night. Please understand that my sister isn’t very interested in the spiritual side of her life. She’s not unsympathetic, it just doesn’t have […]

Last night I dreamed I was in college. On my way into a class, I noticed that the Geography dept had arranged for a dinner for its students in the class just after the one I was going to. There were four lines to get in, each prominently labeled with a type of dress code […]

Marking Manhood

Feel free to pass this along — I’m hoping for as wide a net of ideas as possible. I have been asked to help craft a Coming of Age Ritual for a young man who is just turning 13. Not being male, nor having brothers, nor having any young men in my life go through […]


Due to slippery fingers and a lack of attention, all comments for this blog were deleted. (I am losing my mind, I don’t even know *when* I deleted them.) Please don’t take it amiss or as a sign. It’s only an accident.

Subtle Funk

Alas, the title has nothing to do with music. I realized yesterday that I have fallen into a funk, not quite a depression, but heading in that general direction. A precursive sensibility of malaise has fallen over me. I call it ‘subtle funk’. My warning sign? I’ve been losing track of things — objects lost […]

Outrageous and un-American

For a variety of reasons I am outraged that our political representatives turned out to be such a bunch of woosies and passed FISA. So I signed a petition with the ACLU (and yes, I am a member, have been for years). Turns out I’m one of 65,000 people who did so, and although my […]

From the ACLU blog (one of my daily reads): Soldier Fights Citizenship Delays I am a native of Iraq and proud to be a U.S. Army soldier with a Purple Heart. I love the U.S. and that’s why I want to become a citizen. But my naturalization has been delayed. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services […]

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