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March, 2009


We flew out on Friday afternoon, and returned this (Monday) afternoon. Three hours time difference. I thought I was doing OK, but by the gentle shake in my hands and lack of focus — oh, and did I mention the tendency to babble whateverthought is going through my brain at any given moment? — seem to indicate that I am …Continue reading →

Update on the AIG ‘special tax’: Obama is SMART

Earlier this month, I wrote a quick post about the letters I sent to my state senators asking them to NOT support the special tax on AIG executives. At the time, Congress passed the special bill by an overwhelming majority. However, our President is smarter and wiser than all of them. An article on March 23 from the Associated Press reads: President …Continue reading →

Bush Administration Politics: EPIC FAIL

I think this article says all that needs to be said about the so-called abstinence-only sex education : Basically, after a decade of teaching kids to ‘just say no’ without any further information we not only have a population boom larger than the one we experienced when the boys came home from WWII, but 40% of those children were born …Continue reading →

More Silliness: Girl’s Name

see more pwn and owned pictures Ok — that’s pretty funny. But what gets me is that Euphrates would be listed as a potential girls name. To my mind that is MUCH more bizarre than ESPN.

Weekly Silliness: Paying the Bill

see more pwn and owned pictures

Cornbread w/ Mixed Berries

The other night I didn’t feel like cooking, but wanted to eat something based on berries. I was hungry, so I didn’t want to wait too long. Although a Dutch Baby would qualify (and yummily so), I didn’t have enough eggs. Time to be creative. I found a box of cornbread/muffin mix (you know the brand, its the little blue …Continue reading →

The Four Foot Yardstick

Late last year told me something that turned my life upside-down for awhile. It wasn’t shocking, or worrying, just so thought-provoking that I’ve been moving it back and forth between the front and back burners of my brain since then. She said: Lisa, you are measuring yourself against a four foot yardstick. 2×4 time, I tell you. She went on …Continue reading →

Living Frugal: Greening Our Home — Future Plans

We are planning to make a major upgrade/remodel in the master bath. This is primarily because our current tub is barely four feet long and I want one we can really soak in.  (Yes, the impetus is purely aesthetic and absolutely not necessary.) When we do this, we’ll be working with a design/builder who is comfortable with using recycled and sustainable …Continue reading →

Letters to my Government: the proposed ‘Special Tax’

I sent this to Representative Smith and Senators Cantwell and Murray:   I am writing to urge you to not support any measure which imposes a special tax on those companies that have received government ‘bailout’ monies. Like many others, I am very angry that these companies made poor financial decisions based on greed and have gotten themselves into such …Continue reading →

Weekly Silliness: Song Title Description, Deux

I liked the last one, but another artist spoke to me as well: Using ONLY SONG TITLES from ONE artist, cleverly answer these questions: Pick a band/artist: Annie Lennox/Eurythmics 1. Are you a male or female: Wide Eyed Girl 2. Describe yourself: A Whiter Shade Of Pale 3. How do you feel about yourself: A Thousand Beautiful Things 4. Describe …Continue reading →