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May, 2009

A final ‘raspberry’ from Mercury

Not long ago, I spent a bit more than an hour creating a wishlist (at Today I went to update it (since we got some DVDs over the weekend) and I accidentally deleted it. You see, the were the first entry duplicated the second entry, so I deleted the first entry, not realizing it was a listing for the …Continue reading →

Slogging through Resumes

I know this is a terrible job market . . . but that means it is all the more necessary for applicants to pay attention to the advertisements.  I’ve written about this before, but things have gotten a lot more intense this time. We’re hiring an administrative assistant, having been without as a budget-cutting measure for a year now. We’re …Continue reading →

Mother’s Day: The McSherry Version

My mother is very much loved. Occasionally, she’s not sure we really mean it — and this year’s ‘Mom’s Day’ cards kind of say it all: Yes, that is Kali-Ma, aka The Destroyer.

Foghorns & Sunshine: My weekend in San Francisco

I just came back from a weekend with my family in San Francisco. I flew down to heavy fog, and left in 70* sunshine. That is the city of my youth in a nutshell: a dichotomy of dynamic tension. I went down to help my mom with some tasks that needed doing, but would have left her in a lot …Continue reading →

Facing North Update!

Despite Mercury retrograde, Facing North has been updated! It’s a great collection (as always) of honest opinions about items of interest to our community. I’ve got an even dozen reviews of books, ‘tools’, and CDs, some old, some hot off the presses. Michele Morgan and I did a fun interview a few months back, and that’s been posted for you …Continue reading →

Frugal Living: Rightsizing Your Life

A key component of frugal living is: Live within your means. One way to do that is to shed that which you do not need and consciously simplify your surroundings. I freely confess that I’m a bit of a hoarder, and I’m definitely a collector. Knowing that, I either deny my collecting desire, or play games with my self to …Continue reading →

Mercury Retrograde: May 2009 edition

Mercury went retrograde on May 7th. What has that meant for me? Sleep deprivation and interruption. On the night of May 7th, J. and  were enjoying a lovely birthday (his) treat of a night at the Edgewater Hotel. We’d just watched the first performance of Star Trek (shortest review ever: awesome!) and freed the puppy from her imprisonment at the …Continue reading →

A New Joy: Lover of Strife

I’m not much of one for celebrating a new source of reading — at least not here — but I have to rave about a new blog I just stumbled upon. Evnissyen, Lover of Strife is  A character from the epic Mabinogion, whose tendency to bash heads first and ask questions later leads to a terrible war between Britain and …Continue reading →

Weekly Silliness: Why English Teachers Quit

I’m sure this is making the rounds on email, but I found it too endearing, and frightening, not to share with y’all. Actual Analogies and Metaphors Found in High School Essays 1. Her face was a perfect oval, like a circle that had its two sides gently compressed by a Thigh Master. 2. His thoughts tumbled in his head, making …Continue reading →