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July, 2009


If you read the news, you know that it has been intensely hot here in the PNW. Yesterday it was 105* in Kent (a new record high) and its now been long enough to break the record for number of hot days in a row. One of the most noticeable reasons has been the lack of an overnight drop in …Continue reading →

Keep the USPS

As regular readers know, I’ve had my share of issues with the USPS. That said, I have always praised them to the high heavens for what they DO get done, so (relatively) efficiently. Apparently, that may be about to change for the worst. A friend turned me on to this post, which reads in part: Basically, some people in the …Continue reading →

EFF Action Alert

This popped into my inbox the other day: With help from a proposed class action settlement, Google is planning to dramatically expand its Book Search service so that millions of books will be available for browsing, reading, and purchasing online. But in designing this new service, Google is leaving reader privacy behind. Without strong privacy protections, all of your browsing …Continue reading →

Facing North Updated

Personal events kept me from updating in June, so we have a double-sized collection for you this month. Highlights include: A article about dealing with adversity from Alison Bonds Shapiro, author of Healing Into Possibility. An excerpt from Robert Mack’s Happiness from the Inside Out, focusing on appreciating your self. Two interviews, one from Marc Lesser (author of Less: Accomplishing …Continue reading →

2010 Llewellyn Annuals!

In today’s post was a lovely surprise — the 2010 Herbal Almanac and 2010 Witch’s Companion! The Herbal Almanac has two articles from me, and I have one in the other. yippee!

Legal Fail

Relatively recently, FAIL Blog ™ posted a screenshot from the Guinness World Records website: “Most Individuals Killed in a Terrorist Act.” Which is a pretty inappropriate record to keep track of. What lifted it to the level of obscenely hilarious (and why FAILBlog shared it with the world) was the button one could click to indicate “Break this record.” Now, …Continue reading →

It’s about 8:30am . . .

¬†. . .¬† and I’ve been at work for 2 hours already. As of this minute, I’m at 40 hours for the week. I’m looking at (easily) a 56-hour week. Who is salaried? I am salaried. I’m tired. I’m doing a really good job. I’m remaining cheerful and low stress (high stress was last week as I felt like I …Continue reading →

Independence Day

The word patriotic has taken on uncomfortable¬† connotations for those of us on the fringe, partly because of the Bush Administration’s deliberate creation of polarity instead of continuum. Patriotism is the love of or devotion to one’s country, but when you have poor laws like the Patriot Act (HR 3162) that do nothing but violate the fundamental law of the …Continue reading →