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Have You Had Your Mammogram?

Gentlemen, you may still want to read this, but I’ll understand if its too ‘squicky’ for you. (I’ll also try to refrain from rolling my eyes.) Ladies: If you are over 40, I certainly hope you’ve had your mammogram. I just did and I’m going to tell you all about it. Think of it as […]

PhotoHunt: Surprise!

We’ve had two waves of gorgeous roses this summer and thought the blooming time was over. But last week, five more buds appeared. PhotoHunt

Florida = Prejudice

I have a number of politics/freedom related posts to upload, but here’s a quickie. The ACLU reported today that the Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in an ACLU lawsuit challenging Florida’s law banning lesbians and gay men from adopting. This was a response to Florida’s challenge to the 11/25/08 ruling by […]

It’s only micromanagement if you’re being told something you don’t want to hear. It’s only micromanagement if you’re being told to do something you don’t want to do.

PhotoHunt: Ripples

Taken in the Marin Headlands, 1999.

Snarking on Spam

This was caught by my (absolutely rocking) Akismet spam filter: Gday. Did you ever think about creating your own blog? There are many great platforms, but by far the best is WordPress. It is fast to set up, however the themes just never fit my specifications. I searched for a simple solution to this problem […]

Memo from HR

To: All Employees From: HR Re: New Management Style The owner of this company has told HR to increase productivity by eliminating unproductive behaviors among employees. We have therefore developed a new mandated management style which is spelled out in the Micro Management Policy, effective immediately. Micro Management Policy Employees are to comply with all […]

PhotoHunt: Artificial

I am intrigued by PhotoHunt, and I decided to play. PhotoHunt: Artificial PhotoHunt

Three-Fruit Cobbler Recipe

J brought home very late season strawberries and they just didn’t didn’t look good enough to eat outright. But along with some grapes and blueberries in the fridge I felt like trying to make a cobbler. My camera was handy, so y’all get to see the process. Ingredients 2 1/2 cups mixed berries (sliced) 1 […]

As a surprise for my mom, and a way to have fun for my birthday, J and I took her to see Teatro Zinzanni last night. It’s my third seeing, the first back in ’99 with it’s original presentation (and Ann Wilson [of Heart] as the chanteuse, “Love, Chaos & Dinner”), and the second in […]

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