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Mostly. There’s some other potential drama/news in my life that I’m not going to share until it resolves itself, and that is (literally) depressing me. I’m on the verge of a cold, which means I am staying home from work to get over rather than give into. I’m making progress on completing my will and […]

Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde

(carefully saved until he’s gone direct once again.) I’m thinking about mercury retrograde (MR) and how the 3 weeks it lasts can be full of missed and tangled communications — that’s the obvious connection. But it is also a time when connections get examined, and a lot of information gets uncovered. You don’t get good […]

Sunday Fun: Blueberry Jam

I like making my own gifts. Not because I’m cheap, but because I feel that something made is inherently more special than that which is mass-produced. Each summer I make a variety of food gifts — canned or preserved nummies that have been very well received by others. This week, I made Blueberry-Lemon Jam. (Recipe […]

PhotoHunt: Twisted

A picture I took in July 2003. Its a Native American bundle my mother (an incredibly gifted artist) re-created using found materials.

This n That

It’s a little after 5pm on Friday evening, and I’m watching a definitely-waxing moon climb into a clear blue sky above the vaguely pyramidically building that almost-but-not-quite blocks m view of Mt. Rainier. My, that’s a long sentence. It’s been a long week. We’re interviewing for a new EA and that is a busy business. […]

Astrology Skeptic

You can continue to be a skeptic, but I’d like to point out a few lines from Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone. First, on Tuesday, September 15, Saturn will oppose Uranus. Saturn, now in Virgo, rules responsibilities, respect for tradition, and upholding the tried and true. Uranus is now in Pisces and rules creativity, chaos, rebellion, and […]

Biopsy Results

Right. So I haven’t mentioned this, although I’ve known for a week. There were people who needed to know first. I have breast cancer. It is a very small group of cells — a milk duct about the size of a small pea (0.7 cm) has been invaded by cancer cells. The technical term is: […]

Sunday Fun: Stone Fruit Chutney

One of my summer delights is canning/preserving for winter yumminess (and gifts for special people!).  Since this is my blog, I’m going to show you how I do it. (The recipe will be at the end.) First, start with a variety of stone fruit — this year I had peaches, nectarines, and plums. I like […]

PhotoHunt: Upside-Down

I’ve been watching this little darling get bigger all summer. For perspective, the body alone is about the size of a quarter. PhotoHunt

I am cleaning out my needlework collection. Kits include floss, fabric, and instructions. (Sometimes a needle as well.) Each is brand new. All are unopened, except the Eagle. The Watcher — $12.50   A wolf peers around a pine tree. (Finished size should be about 9×14.) Buffalo Skull — $15  A painted skull with feathers hanging […]

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