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October, 2009

PhotoHunt: Bags

I’ve been known to make gifts for people. This is a bag to hold knitting materials for my dear friend. PhotoHunt

Samhain Thoughts: My Companions

Maybe I’m a cold-hearted bitch, but when I think of those I love who have passed on, it’s not the people I miss. Today, I honor them. My first cat, Sylvia was the best cat ever (so sayeth my mother). She came to us from a friend, who’d opened her door to Sylvia (who’d been living in Golden Gate Park) …Continue reading →

2009 Litany of the Dead

Every Samhain for the last several years, Dagonet Dewr has compiled a list of the year’s dead. Dagonet is an author and one of the co-founders of the International Pagan Pride Project. LITANY OF THE DEAD October 28, 2009 Dagonet Dewr and Friends As always, permission is given to distribute this list far and wide, as long as it …Continue reading →

Plain Beauty, Disguised Power

I’m not usually a fan of Rob Brezsny, but this week’s horoscope for Virgo strongly resonated with me: “The more beautiful the bird, the poorer the singer,” wrote L. M. Boyd. “Peacocks scream, macaws screech. Birds of Paradise croak.” Among the most interesting singers, on the other hand, are birds that are far less spectacular in appearance: the Black-capped Chickadee, the …Continue reading →

21 Rules for Halloween

The 21 Rules Of Halloween 1. When it appears that you have killed the monster, NEVER check to see if it’s really dead. Just leave. 2. Never read a book of demon summoning aloud, even as a joke. In fact, don’t even read it or look at it for too long . . . just in case. 3. Do not …Continue reading →

The Bad News Just Keeps Coming

Let me start by saying that my thinking/decisions are changing fairly rapidly. Last week I had a 2nd biopsy, I was also on the verge of getting a cold, so I stayed home in an attempt to not actually get sick. In that, I succeeded. On Thursday morning my surgeon called. To heighten the drama, let me digress a  moment. …Continue reading →

PhotoHunt: Tied

I admit, I’m really stretching for this one . . . From “Fairyland” in Oakland, CA. Taken May 2009. PhotoHunt

Ok, that was really awful

I had my second biopsy. (ICKY POST WARNING) It was much worse than the first one. This was partially because I knew what was coming, and the first time was no joy, you know? It was also just plain harder. Remember what I said about breasts being full of all sorts of stuff? Well, when that stuff is muscle and …Continue reading →

TV and Movies: Occupying my Time

Last week, in preparation for my surgery, which is now postponed a month, I increased my Netflix account to 8 DVDs (from 3). Much I’ve what I watch on Netflix is old TV shows — La Femme Nikita, Highlander, etc. — and I’ve been enjoying the 1st season of The Profiler. Burn Notice’s1st season continues to be truly magnificent, with …Continue reading →

PhotoHunt: Free Week

We can share any photo we want this week. (Oh, the freedom!) This is my nephew, in Feb 2008. I’ve always loved how he naturally resembles a Greek statue. PhotoHunt