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November, 2009

Time Machine: 11/17

Yesterday was quiet, more sleeping and watching movies all day long. I have several discs from CSI:Miami, Season 1 (which I never watched on TV) to keep me company. It’s a bit gory, but I like the bright sunshine and the plot lines are nicely simple. One thing: my sister arrived. She promptly cooked dinner and helped J. do some …Continue reading →

Time Machine: 11/16

Sleeping on my back is weird. Getting into and out of bed is hard, and painful. I’m glad I’m in fairly good shape, I can’t imagine doing this if I were frail, weak, or obese. To get in bed, I sit on the edge, as far back as I can. J. helps my turn my legs onto the bed, I  …Continue reading →

PhotoHunt: Technology

A classic view. View from behind the clock in the Musee d’Orsay, January 2009. PhotoHunt

Time Machine: 11/14

Another dozy night . . . although I feel like I slept for longer periods, like an hour or 90 minutes. At 7am, my IV alarm went off. This happened yesterday, and its disconcerting at first. But the alarm just tells us that there is about 20 minutes left of drip. So, it was annoying, and it woke me up, …Continue reading →

Time Machine: 11/13, pt 2

The tough thing about surgery and pain meds is that the whole process really does horrid things to your body. I’m not a doctor, but how I’ve come to think of it is that when they do major surgery, they have to shut your whole system down to be able to work freely. So, recovering from surgery means restarting all …Continue reading →

Thanksgiving 2009

I have several good friends coming over in a few hours, each bringing an item for our potluck Thanksgiving. J. is cooking his first turkey, and attempting a wilted spinach salad, I’m making my signature smashed potatoes (1/2 sweet, 1/2 regular, easy on the butter), and cranberry sauce. My pumpkin butter canning plan went awry (no jars!), so I also …Continue reading →

Time Machine: 11/13, part 1

Friday the 13th! Today is very weird, not only because I woke up in a hospital, but because I have large gap in my memory of yesterday. I rely on my memory a great deal, having gaps is fairly distressing, even if I know why. In a way, it gives me a glimpse into why people with amnesia freak out …Continue reading →

Time Machine Posts

Now that my pain meds are greatly reduced, I’m feeling more able to write again. So I’ll be posting a series of ‘time machine’ posts starting from 11/13 and going forward. I may repeat myself, but they are the posts I would have written at the time, but couldn’t. The posts will be put up in real time, but dated …Continue reading →

Facing North News

I’m a bit late with my November update at Facing North — I have about 20 reviews in various states of progress and another 1/2 dozen or so from other people. I may end up doing two updates in December. But I’m trying for at least a small update this weekend. In other news, Jason Pitzl-Waters of The Wild Hunt …Continue reading →

Interesting spam

No, really. As a comment to an earlier post, I received this: Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things …Continue reading →