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Apparently, I am Injured

WARNING: A whining, ranting, and generally self-pitying post follows Perhaps this is obvious to everyone else, but I really though that, SEVEN weeks post-surgery, I would be in better shape. Or at least no longer taking much, if any, pain medication. Every tells me to take it easy, and not be so hard on myself, […]

PhotoHunt: Twelve

The first flowers my sweetie ever gave me. A dozen (not red, but conveying that essence 🙂 ) roses with white stock as an accent. NOTE: this did not publish on time! PhotoHunt

Happy Merry Everything

It’s been an interesting trip so far. Our Wed flight was easy-peasy and my sister met us right outside the security area. We were checked in and unpacking by 9:30. We’re staying at the Parc 55, which opened in March of this year. I suspect it must be a refurb hotel,and not a new-built,but that’s […]

A Real Post

I’m mostly a little overwhelmed with life. My family usually gathers for Turkey Day, but my health issues precluded that. So we’re gathering (even my parents, who’re divorced 30+ years and haven’t been in the same room since my sister’s wedding 6 yrs ago) for Christmas. We’re leaving for San Francisco in a few hours […]

Bright Blessings!

Things got very busy this week. Compressed work days and deep tiredness make for a non-writing Lisa. In the meantime: Belated Yule Blessings! I’m off to spend the next several days with my family in San Francisco. Perhaps I will have stories to tell when I return!

PhotoHunt: Fast

This needs to be a two parter. Because the essence of fast is that this: is now this: (timeline: March 2006, October 2009) PhotoHunt

How it works

Spend a day discussing hiring for a new position. Spend a day crafting the job description and getting ‘buy in’. Spend a few hours crafting a job posting. Make sure ad specifies three specific qualities we are looking for and the  three elements that are absolutely required to be considered. Post the ad in two […]

PhotoHunt: Undesirable

I *had* nothing to post this week. . . then my sweetie reminded me of this: It’s a bas-relief from the British museum, of the fall of Ninevah (Assyria). Photo taken in April 2007. The two men are being tortured, skinned alive actually. I would say that being skinned alive is undesirable. I wonder what […]

If you blog, or read blogs; have a Facebook account, Twitter, read news online, have a web page . . . in short: if you do anything online — you care about the EFF. Right now you can do two things to support them and it won’t cost you any money. 1. Sign the Open […]

I was talking with my friend B. and he asked if I’d done a tarot reading about my situation. “Oh yes,” I said, “and I got bubkus. Nada. Chaos. I know it’s often tough to read for oneself, but I really got zip.” “What did you ask?” he reasonably wondered. “Um. Well, I couldn’t come […]

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