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March, 2010

BRCA Test Info

Every woman, by virtue of being a woman, has a 12% chance of getting breast cancer in her lifetime, and a 2% chance of getting ovarian cancer. For 90% of women who get cancer, it is not genetic. There are, however, six genes that — if mutated or damaged — indicate a 40% chance of getting breast or ovarian cancer. …Continue reading →

Post Chemo #2 Update

Yesterday (Monday) was 5 days post-chemo, and so far things are going remarkably similar to how they went the first time ’round. Saturday evening I started getting the achy bones, so I went on Dilaudid right away. When I woke up yesterday no painkiller was needed. Yes, just like that. I was quite tired all day — not the same …Continue reading →

PhotoHunt: Fresh

Hydrangea from my yard. PhotoHunt

Chemo #2

I’m on day 2 post-chemo #2 and its going about as expected. First of all, a recap of the day. Had a great meeting with my oncologist — have I mentioned before how much I like him? I do, very much. He’s really happy with my progress and we’re feeling good about how this is all going. We had drama …Continue reading →

Brace Yourself

It’s just not that pretty. But its what I look like now. (And yes, I do feel like my image is much more like scruffy chick just barely dried than Sinead O’Connor.) 🙂

Garden Walk!

Yesterday I got a chance to go outside with my camera and capture what is going on in my garden. It’s terribly exciting! First of all, do you see this: It’s a rosebud! One of three on the plant. So early in the season is really astonishing. It means that (relatively) soon, I’ll have sweet perfume again. My Japanese Anemone …Continue reading →

PhotoHunt: Three

My two sisters and I. circa 1980: and 1994: Sadly, nothing more recent. I think it’s time we got one! PhotoHunt

Losing My Hair

First off: my fever broke Wed night. I took it easy yesterday, but am back to work today (tho’ likely not for the full day). Things are starting to get a bit critical and I’m needed on site. Most importantly: on time, and unmistakably, I am losing my hair. My advice for anyone who may read this because they are …Continue reading →

Astonishing Art

This video shows the winner of “Ukraine’s Got Talent”,  Kseniya Simonova, 24,  drawing a series of pictures on an illuminated sand table showing how ordinary people were affected by the German invasion during World War II.  Her talent, which absolutely defines ‘off beat’ is mesmeric to watch. The images, projected onto a large screen, moved many in the audience to …Continue reading →

An Irish Blessing

I can’t upload this to my blog, but the link should take you there. It’s a lovely visual and aural version of an Irish Blessing. But not, please note, ‘the’ Irish Blessing, which was spoken as grace in my grandparent’s house, and is one of my dearest memories of my grandfather. Enjoy. Traditional Irish Blessing