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I’ve been ruminating about this post since Azahar first brought the topic up in mid February. I’ve been holding off writing it becuase I really didn’t want to freak y’all out. (Isn’t that nice of me?) In 2009 I finally completed writing my Last Will & Testament. (Good timing, huh?) It took five years, which […]


It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since the last chemo session, and it’s been a hard recovery time for me. I’ve been physically exhausted, compounded by not sleeping well or through the night. My spirits have been good, my attitude generally positive, but the lack of physical fitness has been disturbing. Having to work last week […]

Sasha update!

What a difference modern medicine makes. J. woke up this morning to find Sasha standing by the side of the bed, panting and wobbly again. Clearly the drugs wore off. We gave her another dose and offered water, she turned her nose up at it. J. had to take the car for service (inspection due), […]

Scary evening

Tonight when Sasha came home from her usual swim she started exhibiting signs of extreme pain. We’ve seen swimmer’s tail’ from her before, and stress fractures — this was something else. She would sit (which she won’t do with swimmer’s tail) but not lie down. She wasn’t limping, she just refused to move at all, […]

. . . if my house caught fire. J.  Of course he’s number 1. Sasha. My most recent computer backup. I backup monthly and it fits on a couple of disks, so this is easy. My jewelry – not because of its value so much as because several pieces are family heirlooms. My stone jaguar. […]

I planned to have this week as another recuperative week . . . and really, honestly, I should have kept to that. But an email exchange on Sunday night at 9pm prompted me to get into the office, and I’ve been work 3/4 days since then. Evenings have been new-house focused (Mon we looked at […]

That said

So I shared my dream the other night, and mentioned the personal symbology and lexicon that makes most dreams utterly irrelevant . . . . Last night’s dream had me in the snow in New York City (an Art Deco version of it) putting on loads of makeup in a high-end store.

A Rare Dream, Shared

I promise I won’t often share dreams with you. Partly because dreams tend to be harder to describe than it seems when you begin, but also because the lexicon of symbology is intensely personal and intimate. Last night I dreamed of a catastrophe that wiped out much of the area our clan lived in. This […]

Photohunt: Mother/Mom

My mom.

PhotoHunt: Black (late)

My black Lab, Sasha playing in the snow.

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