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June, 2010

Technology is Astonishing

I am writing and posting this from my laptop at 30,000 feet. Nothing more needs to be said.

Sad News

Yesterday morning, June 21st, my grandmother left this world after 89 years of doing just fine, thank you very much. As y’all know from my previous post, this was not a surprise. She’s been failing for more than a month now, the stress of having her move from her home of 27 years into an assisted living apartment was too …Continue reading →

It Just Doesn’t Stop

2010 has been a crap of a year so far. Actually, my 42nd year has pretty much sucked. The proof is that I was told I have breast cancer about a week after my  42nd birthday. It just hasn’t stopped. We went to Ashland this last weekend, rented a house with friends; saw some plays, ate yummy food, drank yummy …Continue reading →

June Update at Facing North

One of the largest collections of reviews of Neopagan/ Spiritual/ New Age oriented books, music, and other items of interest to our community has updated it’s offering. June’s offerings include reviews of: Living Temple of Witchcraft, pt 2 Worldshift 2012 Mala of the Heart Weiser’s Field Guide to Cryptozoology Weiser Field Guide to Ascension The Mindfulness Code The Compassionate Life …Continue reading →

Things Are Better for Me

I’m doing better at coping with the slow recovery, I think. At least I’m not so whiny as last week. Last week I managed to walk Sasha 2x/day for 15 mins each. Sunday morning I walked her around the block (which is about 25 mins). It was a huge accomplishment for me. Better still, I’ve done that every day (except …Continue reading →

I am not in a good mood

It’s been lingering all day. I didn’t sleep well last night, that’s the first problem; but I just haven’t been able to shake a deep sense of . . .  BLAH. I spent some time ‘sitting’ with the blah and came to two realizations: part of it is tiredness, but the other part is a reaction to the chemo. (Hold your ‘duh’ …Continue reading →

Astrology Can Be A Useful Tool

In the hands of a skilled reader, astrology can be a useful tool. As proof, of sorts, I offer excerpts from Susan Miller’s forecast for Virgo, June 2010: . . . Mars had spent an inordinately long time in Leo, reaching back to October 2009, and this is unusual. Mars typically spends seven weeks in a sign, not eight months! …Continue reading →

A Long Moment of Silence

Please, stop what you are doing. Take a breath and close your eyes in memory of Jeanne Robinson. The wife of Spider Robinson, Jeanne and Spider co-authored the influential Stardance trilogy in the late 70s. If you haven’t read it, do so now. I can’t say it as well as Spider does, so I’ll let him do it. Moreover, my …Continue reading →