Monthly Archives: July 2010


Here’s what I look like today:

As you can see, the hair is definitely coming back. Looks like I’ll still have all the silver I had before (it’s on the sides, predominantly, which doesn’t show up well in the photo).

You may also notice that I definitely have color in my face and skin once again. I am getting healthy!

(and yes, I promise I will do posts to get you caught up on Ashland, my ankle, and life in general.)

From Hell With Love

which is not a comment on my life, but the title of the new Simon Green novel. I just finished it and I can only say this: holy cow. Followed by, “you effer.”

It’s a great, fun, novel that introduces us to an ancient Drood enemy and host of traitors. It ends with one heck of a cliffhanger (hence the ‘effer’ reference).

In other news: I owe y’all a bunch of writing, going all the way back to Ashland in early June. I’ll try to get to that this weekend, in and amongst the packing.