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ADV Tarot: 8/31

I’m teaching an advanced tarot class to my coven mates. (We do a basic one in the year-long class.) Right now we’re getting used to the cards by pulling one every day. Today I drew: The High Priestess. Keywords: Serene, Balanced, Mystery(ies), “Be still and know that I AM.” The feminine principle. Secrets. Wisdom. Opposite: […]

Just in time . . . This month we have an eclectic group of offerings: Horses with a Mission Pagan Astrology The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Earth Day: An Alphabet Book Autumn Shadows in August Magical Housekeeping One Soul One Heart, One Love Tranquilista: Mastering the Art of Enlighted Work & […]

Unpacked . . .

. . . and nearly tidy to boot. I promised pictures, and here they are. First, the guest room: Clean, calm. Just where you want to lay your head down for a nap, right? Then, my office: Makes you just want to come in and read in the sun for awhile, doesn’t it? Then, John’s […]

Apparently, being an American citizen, he thought he could build a community center. He also though that since his community are Muslims, like him, and much of the funding was coming from his community, it would be ok to include a mosque in this community center. Everything seemed to be going well, he got approval from […]

We’re in!

The move went well, if long. I theoretically took the week afterwards off from work, but the reality was that I still ended up working almost every day, which made for long, busier-than-I-wanted days and a very tired me. We had a few mishaps: the ‘swedish’ daybed didn’t fit – by ½”! – into the […]

As a follow up to this post, I’m doing much better (thank you for asking. :-). Y’all may or may not know that I am the primary leader of a coven that has been in existence (in one form or another) since 2000. Back when I found out I had cancer I (of course) reached […]

I am Deeply Saddened

This morning, August 12, 2010 at approximately 8 AM ET, Isaac Bonewits passed away peacefully in his sleep. All his brothers and sisters arrived at his side last night. His family and friends surround him now. from Isaac and Phaedra’s facebook page. tears are in my eyes, not for his death, but for our loss. […]

Going Dark

This is it until we’re in the new place, and have Internet access again. Here’s hoping the move goes well. We’re not completely packed, but we’ve run out of room to stack boxes. So I’ll be packing the kitchen and closets while the movers do their thing. After J. drops off Sasha at Soos Creek […]

What I Look Like

Hair! (I’m told it’s kid of cute.) Energetically I’m doing well. I still get tired long before I used to, and I’m not sleeping through the night, which isn’t good for my energy. Today I am not doing well at all. I got some bad news that I am struggling with. I don’t mind the […]


I am now the proud, poor, owner of two domiciles. I owe so much money to large institutions I am more than a little freaked out. I am so grateful for J. and his calm calm calm demeanor. I kind of feel like this: (and yes, I am sure I will feel happy, excited, and […]