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I owe y’all . . .

 . . . a really long post. About my birthday (short version: it was a perfect day) and life in general. for now, here’s a picture of me (which I haven’t shared in a bit):

ADV Tarot: 9/8

Two of Swords Blocking emotions, avoiding truth, stalemate. Avoiding making the decision.

ADV Tarot: 9/7

(posted a day late, sorry) Three of Cups. (same as yesterday)

ADV Tarot: 9/6

Three of cups Friendship. Celebration. Joy. Community. The opposite of the Hermit. Complemented by Temperance.

ADV Tarot: 9/5

Three of Rods. (same as yesterday)

ADV Tarot: 9/4

Three of Rods/Wands. Exploration. Patience. Leadership. “waiting for my ship to come in” (and knowing it will.

ADV Tarot: 9/3

The Hermit Introspective, searching, (looking for) guidance, solitude. “seek and ye shall find.” opposite: the lovers, the world/universe complements: the High Priestess

My Birthday Tarot Reading

Thought I’d share, no commentary. Center: 4 of cups Crossing: page of wands Foundation: The Lovers Passing: 8 of cups Crown: The Moon Coming: 8 of Wands Self: 5 of cups Environment: 10 of swords Hopes/Fears: King of Swords Final: 2 of swords

Swimming with Sasha

Yesterday I got to swim with my dog. It’s a birthday treat from J., one that came up at the last minute. You see, ’round here normal humans don’t go in the water most days. When the days are at their hottest (above 80*) yes, we go in the lakes and such. But otherwise, it’s […]

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I turn 43. Today I close the door on the last year, the Lost Year (as it will henceforth be known.) Today I move forward into a new adventure. Each year on or around my birthday, I write a set of goals for the upcoming years. That’s pretty common, I think. Me being me, […]

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