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2010 Litany of the Dead

*LITANY OF THE DEAD 2010* *created by Dagonet Dewr – October 29, 2010* *As always, feel free to disseminate freely; I ask only that distribution be complete. I also have noticed this year there is no central source for recording the dead in the Pagan and Heathen communities. I am considering a project to address […]

Did you know . . .

Y’all may have see this already, but I saw it as part of a presentation at SHRM in late June. It blew me away. (click on the link to go to the viewo on You Tube) Did You Know? (good music, too)

One item donated to help my friend’s financial situation* was a tarot reading by Melissa Tarot. Melissa Tarot has been doing tarot and palm readings for 22 years.  She lives in the St. Louis area with her family and friends, and has been described as a ‘feminist, hippie, Pagan wackadoo’ – a title she bears proudly.  […]

Let me catch you up . . .

(warning: long post) This is one of thew few times I wish WordPress had a /cut/ feature like they do over at LiveJournal. Oh well, you’ll just have to keep reading now, won’t you? Go ahead, get a cold drink, or warm one, depending on where you are. Maybe have a good *cough* pee while […]

Facing North Updated

Facing North, one of the largest collections of reviews about item of interest to the Pagan/ Alternative Spirituality  community has released its October reviews. This month we are debuting a brand new review section devoted to tarot books and decks. Spearheaded by Elizabeth Hazel, editor of ATA Quarterly, this collection is starting small but growing […]