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Archive for November, 2010

“Winner of Michelin’s Three Star, Forbes Five-Star, AAA Five Diamond, and Wine Spectator’s Grand Award, Joël Robuchon has redefined Las Vegas fine dining.” Yes. We knew this was going to be a special occasion, a once in a lifetime meal, and we were not disappointed. Entering, we were struck by the opulence of their version […]

The Wild Hunt has a stunning articleabout a Wiccan woman’s recent traumatic experience with the new body scanners and the accompanying opt-out procedures. It’s pretty clear that the ‘opt out’ is deliberately invasive and humiliating so as to convince others to go through with the x-ray scanner instead. Hey, what’s a little radiation? Any problems […]

Divorce as Initiation

My friend Diana Rajchel has an essay posted on Witchvox about Divorce as Initiation. It’s very very very good and I encourage you to read it and pass the news that it is out there. Please note that although the date of her survey is listed as being open only until October 31, it is […]