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Archive for December, 2010

Article in SageWoman #80

I just got a chance to see the proofreader’s copy of an article I wrote late last year. It’s called “Keep Walking” and is in the next issue of SageWoman. It’s raw. It’s real. I’m blessed my words keep reaching others.

Boasting moment . . . I have an article, “Called to Lead” in the current issue of Witches & Pagans magazine (#22). Here’s a link to a pdf of the table of contents pages.

A Gift From Snowy Owl

Last night my coven and I decided to not hold our usual Dark Moon ritual, but I held one for myself (greatly modified from the original, which is loosely based on Timothy Roderick’s Dark Moon Mysteries). The ritual contains at its core the concept of working with the dark moon to accept, as opposed to […]