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May, 2011

A Birthday Weekend in SF

This last weekend I flew down to San Francisco to surprise my mom for her birthday. It was a huge success. She came in to the door and my nephew met her with flowers. Then he peremptorily said ‘close your eyes, it’s a secret!’ She, being a good grandma, did, and he led her into the living room, where I …Continue reading →

May Update at Facing North

I just updated Facing North to include a great mix of offerings, a little of this and that for everyone. An Ye Harm None: Magical Morality and Modern Ethics Aradia: Gospel of the Witches Astrology of the Moon Bird Cards: The Healing Powers of the Bird Kingdom Defense Against the Dark Goddesses for Every Day Gods of the Runes: Divine …Continue reading →

Making a Book

Sorry, didn’t mean to get y’all excited. I’m not writing one — I’m making one. A hobby of mine is to bind books — usually just quick hand sewn ones, made of scrap paper with a nice (soft) cover. I use them for temporary journals or lists. This project has been brewing for more than 2 years, it was supposed …Continue reading →

It’s the First of May

and you know what that means . . . first of may (visual is fine, but the lyrics are definitely NSFW) for Daystar 🙂