June 2011

The Jig of Life

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Bright Litha Blessings to you!

(play it loud)

(I tried to embed this, but apparently can’t.)

#30daysofreading (June 11)

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Finished Winds of Fate (#3 in the series I’ve been reading by Mercedes Lackey). It’s an old favorite, and much enjoyed. Went on to the next (in the timeline), Storm Rising, finished that one as well

Also completed:

Handfasting and Wedding Rituals: Welcoming Hera’s Blessing By Kaldera, Raven — I didn’t get a LOT of use out of this, but there is one ceremony I liked enough that I’ll be using it as an inspiration (pending J’s approval, of course) for our ceremony.
The Instinct Diet: Use your Five Food Instincts to Lose Weight and Keep It off By Roberts, Susan B. — meh. I didn’t appeal to me, or make sense. It wasn’t crazy (like the genetics diet thing that is out there) but  . . . not for me.
Core Performance Women: Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle By Verstegen, Mark — fascinating, and, I think, going to be useful. I may even buy it for my own reference.

The ring!

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I’ve got a pic of the ring, finally.

#30daysofreading (June 5-10)

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oh boy, I got behind on my posting . . . right. ok.

so, don’t think ill of me or anything, but I’ve read:

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#30daysofreading (June 3+4)

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got a little behind on this . . .

Still reading Winds of Change. Finished Bridal Bargains (you’re going to see a lot in this theme) and The Abs Diet for Women (also a lot in this genre, I’m researching).

#30daysofreading (June 2)

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Finished Winds of Fate, moving on to Winds of Fury (#2 in the series). Also read “Handfasting & Wedding Rituals: Inviting Hera’s Blessing.”  Good book, will likely be a bonus review at Facing North.

#30daysofreading (June 1)

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I’m not on Twitter, but this looks like its right in my wheelhouse.

Today, I read By the Sword, Mercedes Lackey. I’m about 50% through Knife of Dreams, Robert Jordan. I started Winds of Fate (Mercedes Lackey).