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July, 2011

Facing North Update!

Looks like I forgot to tell people about the June update . . . so this is for two updates! Summer is the perfect time to kick back with a cold glass of your favorite drink, and a good book. We have some great ones to recommend this month! Inside-Out Healing: Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Presence Practical …Continue reading →

Busy, just breathing

Yesterday was a travel day, after¬†8 days in New York City, which came barely a week after a long weekend in Philadelphia, which came barely two weeks after a week in palm Beach, Fl. I’m tired of traveling. But J. and I had a lot of fun, and some posts will be coming out over the next weeks that talk …Continue reading →

I promise . . .

¬†. . . I won’t keep posting videos instead of writing. But for now: another one to play loud.