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November, 2011

Songs that Make My Soul Sing (Thanksgiving 2011)

and (often) my body dance. This is my new CD compilation. Enjoy (and, play it LOUD.)

Two years and counting

Today I am cancer free for two years. I’ve said this before and it continues to be true: I am, in many ways, healthier than I was in my 20s. (Mentally, for sure.) Although I look like a blue meanie and my cholesterol level is too high :-(, I am exercising regularly (being back at Muay Thai is a fabulous …Continue reading →

A Pre-Travel Torta

(This was a draft of a post I never finished back in February 2010. I *think* its a reference to our Ashland trip) We were going to have a lot of left-overs when we left, and I hated to let them become science experiments. So I decided to make a torta, which is a kind of baked dough-enclosed sandwich, from …Continue reading →

Because sometimes a song says it best

Peter Gabriel, Games without Frontiers (Uncensored)  

Setting foot upon the path

“Don’t delude yourself. The minute you set foot upon the path of witchcraft, a call rings out in the unseen world announcing the fact of your arrival.” -Paul Huson In July of each year since 1997 I participate in an online class, the Art of Ritual. The first year I was a student, now I’m an instructor. This is a …Continue reading →

2011 Litany of the Dead

(posted a little late) 2011 SAMHAIN LITANY Dagonet Dewr, Compiler As always, editorial comments and content are solely my responsibility. I will forget people; email me at dagonet.dewr@… and I’ll add them to permanent archived copies of this list. More and more every year, I realize we need a central listing point for Neo-Pagan dead; if anyone is interested in …Continue reading →

New Year’s Tarot Reading

The question asked, as always: What will the coming year bring? Covering: Page of Cups: The essence of water behaving as earth, such as a wellspring: An unexpected new relationship that is playful and spontaneous. A romantic soul who embraces compassion and imagination with childlike joy. Gentle reflections on love, spirituality, and the importance of personal relationships in business and …Continue reading →

“Shake it Off”

The effing brilliant new release from Florence and the Machine. I can’t wait for the album to be released.