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Every Job I’ve Ever Held High school janitor (80-81) Housecleaning (82-83) Bank teller (84-87) Admin Assistant (1988) Apple Computer store (1989)   Executive Assistant (1990) Research Assistant (1991-1996) (volunteer: Suicide Hotline coordinator, trainer, and call-taker) Executive Assistant (1997-2004) Director, Administration (2004-present) I’ve had a remarkably cohesive career. The break, above, shows the line between my […]

MDMS: My First Job

My first job was working for my mother . . . I did chores for my allowance every week. If I didn’t do them well enough, I didn’t get paid and had to redo them to her satisfaction. My first job outside the home (<g>) was cleaning the houses of friends of the family for […]

I had some tough times in college, but the worst situation I got myself into was post-college. I’d moved to NYC and was living with my then boyfriend and another good friend. None of us was doing particularly well, although they both had good jobs (bf as an editor of a prestigious quarterly magazine and […]

Back in 2009, a friend took this picture: We just had dinner with them the other day, and she took this picture:   Not much has changed . . . on the outside. 🙂

1)      Having cancer a few years ago. I had few choices about the cost of my care, and fewer about the care itself. Asking for the cost of treatments got me little, if any, information. In the end, I gave up and just did what needed to be done. In retrospect I truly wonder what […]

This task assumes you will look at the news for stories, but I’ve chosen to relate several from my own personal knowledge. 1)      C. inherited a large sum of money at the death of a parent. Despite owing student loans, having only a part time job, and facing medical problems, C. elected to create a […]

This is an odd time of year for me, has been for more than a decade, almost without break. The sun is at its peak, the weather is often glorious (certainly it is today), and I am often filled with energy. At the same time, there is a sadness I cope with. My students, those […]

MDMS: My Current Debt

Recent events have given me debt, for the first time in a long time. In time order: Mortgage(s) Car loan Gall Bladder surgery Wedding Honeymoon The mortgage is ticking along. At our work, 4 times a year, we get 3 week paychecks. When we do, we make a double payment on our mortgage(s) and car […]

I don’t spend money on myself. Over the course of the week, I only paid the household bills, bought groceries, and agreed to the purchase of a few hobby items for J. Now, we’re on a deliberately frugal plan this month (and next, and perhaps the month following) as recent expenditures (wedding, honeymoon, surgery) have […]

A friend of mine (Di) is working through the book Money Drunk, Money Sober and blogging about it. She’s remarkably fearless and I want to emulate her, so I’m going to try and follow in her footsteps. If you don’t know this book, it theorizes that some of us have an addictive/co-dependent relationship with money, […]

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