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July, 2012

MDMS: If I had Unlimited Time/Money

I have all the time I need, this needs to be about having unlimited money. I would buy a home for my mother so that she can live independently for longer. I would start a ‘bank’ and loan money to creative people so they can buy real estate at reasonable rates, no matter what their credit history looks like. I …Continue reading →

MDMS: Ways I am Extravagant/Silly

My house is huge. I spend too much on food (either at home or dining out). I indulge in personal care (this is not so true since May) like massages and similar making-the-body-beautiful services. I keep buying clothes I think I will fit into, and then put them away for the future. (leading, eventually, to donating them — essentially brand …Continue reading →

MDMS: Ways I am stingy

(I suspect that people around me would have things to add to this list.) I re-use/re-cycle as much as I can. I have been known to wish for children, just so I could make craft projects out of jars and containers for them. I print or write on the back of pages that were already written on. I save crafting …Continue reading →

MDMS: Times I Have Capsized Success

All the time, with my physical health. Often, with my writing (I suspect that my “I can’t write when the Muse isn’t there” is a way to keep from being too successful. For me the capsizing is usually *before* I get started on something, rather than after I’ve begun. I do a little too much ‘this won’t be perfect so …Continue reading →

MDMS: Do I Have a Pattern of Self-Sabotage?

Oh yes. Notably around my physical self care. What’s worse is that I don’t have ongoing patterns that I can easily change. No, I’m a blitzkrieg who does well for a while, starts to show progress, and then –WHAM! – eats donuts for breakfast, egg-bacon-cheese sandwich for lunch, and ends with a steak dinner accompanied by lots of wine. I …Continue reading →

MDMS: My Rationalizations for Ruining Something Good

“It doesn’t matter” or “It won’t make a difference” – these two phrases are keywords for me, they indicate that I am, effectively, depressed and not in my right mind. I try to hear myself when I say them, because they can help me break a pattern of sabotage before it gets too messy. Unfortunately, I have evidence from my …Continue reading →

MDMS: 5 Things I Would Love to Do

Go back to school. I know I’ve said (loudly and at length) that I would never go back, but that was based on my going to school for a degree. If I could just go to learn, and had time and energy to really make a go of it (i.e., not have to work for a living) I think I …Continue reading →

Inspiration by Neil Gaiman

Probably a must for anyone who is creative and hopes to make a living at it.

MDMS Sidebar: How Wealthy Are You?

Most people likely relate wealth to net worth. I know I do. Net worth is defined as: Net Worth = Total Assets – Total Liabilities   Kim Kiyosaki, wife of Robert Kiyosaki who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, wrote a book of her own, Rich Woman. She has an interesting way of looking at one’s wealth: ‘A person’s ability to …Continue reading →

MDMS: An Inventory of My Assets

Savings – enough to live for ~6 months (see later blog post), plus an investment fund for a future project we’re excited about. 401(k) – growing each month, I save the IRS-allowed maximum ($17k) each year, and my company matches 100%. IRA – rolled over 401(k) monies from previous jobs. Its about $25k, but hasn’t moved significantly off that over …Continue reading →