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11/20 dream (notes)

I had a dream last night . . . I was walking through a city (Berkeley perhaps) and many people recognized me, even though I had no idea who they were. They complimented me non various things (looking good!, love your outfit!, great work!) without ever being specific.

I came to realize that I was wearing my celtic moon pendant and earrings, and that these were *witches* reaching out to me, recognizing me as one of their own.

Fitness: Nov 11-17

This week . . .

Sunday: Walked a mile in the morning (also: does housecleaning count?)

Monday: Walked a mile in the morning

Tuesday: Muay Thai — 45 mins

Wednesday: Pilates (reformer) — 60 mins

Thursday: nothing 🙁

Friday: Walked a mile in the morning

Saturday: Walked a mile in the morning; Muay Thai, 45 mins

Animal Antics

So it’s fireplace season, and Kit has discovered the joys of basking in the fire’s glow. (Roland and Sasha don’t care for it).

Kit really likes to stretch out to maximize the heat absorption.

They are getting along much better, although Sasha can be a real pain in the butt sometimes.

Fitness Update: Nov 4-10, 2012

My good friend Jeremy is participating in the Morning Mile Challenge. For a variety of reasons, I am not (notably, I need every bit of sleep, and I’m on the road at 5:30am to get to work). But I like the idea, and J. is on board with it as well. So on the days I am not already working out, we walk a mile with Sasha in the morning.

I’m also going to try posting it here, in the public eye, to see if that will help keep me on track with my plans.

This week . . .

Sunday: climbed a ramp and lots of stairs for an estimated 30 mins of cardio; also walked a mile in the morning

Monday: Walked a mile in the morning

Tuesday: Muay Thai — 30 mns (I was very tired, and we were both distracted so although I spent an hour there, I was not going at it the whole time.)

Wednesday: Pilates (reformer) — 60 mins

Thursday: nothing 🙁

Friday: Walked a mile in the morning

Satuday: Walked 1/2 a mile in the morning  (took a spill and potetnially pulled a muscle in my leg — took it easy the rest of the day)


Sorry About That!

Whoops. I didn’t mean for the blog to go unwritten for so long. It just ended up that way. So let me catch you up and what’s been happening.

I had a mammogram in late August — nothign to see! (Always good news.)

I celebrated my 45th birthday with friends at a lovely dim sum lunch. First time for many people, and it was a great experience. We found a place that does orders, rather than carts, so it was a fresher, tastier, experience.

Then I went to Hawaii (Kauai, specifically) with my sister. We had a great, relaxing, time.

A week of work later, John and I went to Ashland with our friends Dan & Suz. Again, a wonderful time as had. Lots of yummy food, great plays, and conversation.

A week after *that* I spent a long weekend in New York City with my father and his lady, Barbara. It was a celebration of his 65th birthday, and we had a wonderful time. On Friday we went to a restaurant right across from the apartment we’d rented. It was called Nica Trattoria, and they only took cash. Don’t bother with the menu, just wait to hear the specials and order from there. Fabulous. Saturday we wandered around town a bit, and ended up at dinner at Oceana. (John and I had eaten there in the summer of 2011.) Scrumptious meal with superb service. Sunday we did a walking tour of Central Park (from Context Travel) which was fascinating. Then we all separated and went home.

Dad & I

Dad & Barbara

Another week home, and then I was traveling out to Philadelphia for work.

Whew! No more traveling . . . until Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, I’ve been creating habits around working out and being healthier. My Muay Thai instructor is pleased with my progress — I can do a lot more now than I could even a year ago, despite travel.

On the down side, John’s hours were cut in half, so we’re making some economies in the house. He has a lot of free time to putter around, which we both like, but the schedule is weird and upsetting. I also had a singularly negative experience with a co-worker that was poorly handled and makes me feel quite unappreciated at work.

Keeping to the positive: however, we have been saving our pennies, and had a little inheritance from my grandmother, and we are making some changes to the house. Out with the old couch, and in with a new one — due to arrive in mid December. We’re going to be (finally) painting the downstairs, and a few other small things. We think the living room area will finally feel cozy, and inviting. (That’s the goal anyway!)

My class is doing great — inventive and interesting people with a lot to offer. My favorite kinds of students. We’re about to start our Dark Moon series of ritual, which is always a profound shift in consciousness. I think they’ll take to it like a duck to water.

I sold four articles to Llewellyn Worldwide — look for them in the 2014 Witchs’ Companion and Herbal Almanac. Speaking of, the 2013 almanacs are out, and I’m in them as well.

I think you’ll be seeing more of these updates — I’m planning on it anyway!