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July, 2013


Several years ago, J & I thought we needed a friend for Sasha. We thought she could use more play time and more time being non-people-focused. We wanted a dog about her size, male, friendly and calm. We hoped it wouldn’t be a swimmer, and it needed to be a rescue. We looked. We went to events, and brought Sasha. …Continue reading →

After Ten Days

It has been an incredible 10 days. I am already experiencing dramatic — POSITIVE — changes; likely due to no longer taking Tamoxifen. No weight loss, but that wasn’t the primary issue. I am sleeping better, and more soundly. My energy is profoundly better — much more even keeled throughout the day. I feel more focused and ‘together’ I desire …Continue reading →

Tamoxifen & Mortality Rates

Some interesting facts about Tamoxifen and breast cancer recurrence: In 2009 211,731 women were diagnosed w/ BC 40,676 died In 2011 (approx) 230,480 diagnosed 39,520 died In 2012 (approx) 232,340 diagnosed 39,620 died