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August, 2013

Facing North Update — August 2013

As August comes to a close, it always seems as if life speeds up. Perhaps its the looming start of the school year, or maybe the energy of the harvest pushing us forward. We have a great collection of books reviewed this month — many of them in the ‘energy’ category. The Chakras Made Easy The Cry for Myth Energy …Continue reading →

Full Moon (August 2013)

Last night I did a full moon working for abundance with my coven and class. I did it despite feeling emotional mixed up. You see, I’d just had a lovely afternoon with my husband including a memory-sharing conversation about some early events from our relationship and serious snuggling. That said, my husband will be starting to work a late shift …Continue reading →

It’s been a busy summer

As the title says: We’ve had lots of company. We have a new dog integrating into the household. Sasha’s ear needs surgery. We have family coming at the end of the month. J’s schedule is very likely to change to a night shift and has gone from PT to OT in the space of a week. It feels quite crazy.

Advice on How to Live Your Life

I read this and was touched, deeply, on many levels. How to live your life: Advice from an American student who was killed in Egypt Andrew Pochter, a 21-year-old Kenyon College student from Chevy Chase, Md., was stabbed to death on June 28 during anti-government protests in Alexandria, Egypt. For most of the past five summers, starting when he was …Continue reading →