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October, 2015

A Prayer to Hygeia, pt 2

Kind Hygeia, granter of health and vigor, daughter of skillful Asklepios whose wisdom is the salvation of many, daughter of Epione who soothes the sharpest of pains, defender against all illness and disease, foe of the Nosoi, friend of those who wish to live long and well, who wish for a whole life. Granter of a strong body and a …Continue reading →

A Prayer to Hygeia, pt 1

I call to Hygeia, daughter of wisdom-loving Asklepios whose shining temples you share, ever-watchful sister of dear Panakeia who knows all remedies. Bright-eyed Hygeia, foe of the Nosoi who lurk in the unclean corners, rich-robed goddess, mild and gentle one whose soft touch and soothing voice give ease to the suffering. In Athens and in Corinth were you well honored; …Continue reading →

Bucket List update

Last year I shared my ‘bucket list’ with you. I think it’s time for an update. (tl; dr: Lot’s of things in progress.) So, what’s on my bucket list?