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February, 2016

2016 Reading Challenge (Feb update)

I love to read, I also read for a living (thanks Facing North!). So you’d think these reading challenges would be easy.  .  . Here’s how I’m doing so far in 2016:

Things That Make Me Feel Healthy

More than anything, I feel healthy when I get enough sleep. That amount has varied over the years, but it’s getting to be a larger number. I get up early, most days, so managing an evening social life has become more difficult as a result. But if I don’t get 7.5 hours of sleep, I really notice it. I can …Continue reading →

2016 — a year of projects

Woven into our year of organizing are some very specific projects. Hang a curtain rod (and curtains) in the guest room. Since there is a lamp post *right* across the street, the light-blocking shade really makes a difference for our guests, but its not so great during the summer months when it also blocks the breeze. So we’ll be hanging …Continue reading →

my new book: Pagan Leadership Anthology!

Storms Aren’t a Crisis!

The Skinny Rules

(These are originally from Bob Harper, Oprah’s weight loss and fitness ‘guy’. Now, whatever you may think about Oprah (and she is a conflicting personality), the woman has literally made a career out of her journey into health. I think Harper is the most realistic of her gurus and his list is sensible.) 1. Drink a large glass of water before …Continue reading →