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Archive for July, 2016

For all of my artist friends. You qualify as an artist is you do anything that requires creativity. You are a friend if you have vaguely positive feelings about me, at least for the purposes of this meme. 🙂

A little bit from a longer piece I am writing: With the rise of religions based on books laws became something governed by god as well as secular authorities, this led to situations in which you could ask forgiveness of him (all book religions have a male deity as their center), do penance as assigned […]

30 Days of Yoga

In June I challenged myself to do yoga every day. Knowing that I probably wouldn’t be able to do it every single day, I gave myself a bit of an out: my challenge was to get to the mat, if only metaphorically. If I could show up, that would count. So, how did I do?

My therapist assigned me Inside Out to watch, as part of some work I am doing about emotions, particularly sadness. I mentioned this on FB and a number of people chimed in, and opinions were all over the place. It was interesting to see the comments, and gave me a bit of insight as to […]