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November, 2016

Lessons from Dr. Who

I woke up this morning with some thoughts rumbling around. Many of us are being called to step away from our boring lives and do something just a little bit more to make our worlds safe again. This is a call to change, one happening on a much larger and more obvious scale than previous occurrences. If you’ve ever wanted …Continue reading →

2016 Reading Challenge — SUCCESS!!!

Ok, I had to get ‘creative’ for a few categories, but I have successfully completed the 2016 reading challenge! I love to read, I also read for a living (thanks Facing North!). So you’d think these reading challenges would be easy.  .  . Here’s is the complete list: A book based on a fairy tale — Cinder, Marissa Meyer A …Continue reading →

Samhain Ritual 2016

I don’t often mention my Samhain ritual here . . . I’ve written about it elsewhere (notably, The Virtual Pagan), and it’s very different from the one I’m usually doing with the class & coven. This  year I was simply solitary, and so I share with you my evening.

The Art of Ritual Class has begun!

It makes me so VERY happy to announce that the Art of Ritual class has started a new year! With a much-revised lesson plan that takes advantage of new technologies as well as recent research on adult learners, this year-long class is even better than before. And it was great before. This class will be giving me a lot of …Continue reading →