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Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Tested and used by yours truly. Gathered from all over the InterWebs.

How I’m Packing for 3 Weeks in Italy

One of our ‘rules’ is that getting to a foreign country is so expensive that we want to stay there as long as possible.  Another rule is that we each pack only a piece of luggage small enough to carry on, and a personal bag. Yet another rule is that we do our best to dress like locals. This means …Continue reading →

Being Hungry

(I almost can’t write this, I still feel intense shame.) There were two times in my my life when I was poor enough to feel actual physical hunger. The first was when my parents first separated and I was living with my mother in a commune in Berkeley (CA).* I’d been wrested from a typical middle-class (white) suburban lifestyle full …Continue reading →

Organizing the Office

(A friend asked for my advice on tackling the office. Here’s my reply) You’re right that its a big project, all the more so because it’s not a room anyone writes about when they are talking about organization. (I think everyone its dismayed!) So here is what I’ve done, feel free to use what makes sense and ignore the rest.

The Skinny Rules

(These are originally from Bob Harper, Oprah’s weight loss and fitness ‘guy’. Now, whatever you may think about Oprah (and she is a conflicting personality), the woman has literally made a career out of her journey into health. I think Harper is the most realistic of her gurus and his list is sensible.) 1. Drink a large glass of water before …Continue reading →

Tamoxifen & Mortality Rates

Some interesting facts about Tamoxifen and breast cancer recurrence: In 2009 211,731 women were diagnosed w/ BC 40,676 died In 2011 (approx) 230,480 diagnosed 39,520 died In 2012 (approx) 232,340 diagnosed 39,620 died

MDMS: If I had Unlimited Time/Money

I have all the time I need, this needs to be about having unlimited money. I would buy a home for my mother so that she can live independently for longer. I would start a ‘bank’ and loan money to creative people so they can buy real estate at reasonable rates, no matter what their credit history looks like. I …Continue reading →

MDMS: Ways I am Extravagant/Silly

My house is huge. I spend too much on food (either at home or dining out). I indulge in personal care (this is not so true since May) like massages and similar making-the-body-beautiful services. I keep buying clothes I think I will fit into, and then put them away for the future. (leading, eventually, to donating them — essentially brand …Continue reading →

MDMS: Ways I am stingy

(I suspect that people around me would have things to add to this list.) I re-use/re-cycle as much as I can. I have been known to wish for children, just so I could make craft projects out of jars and containers for them. I print or write on the back of pages that were already written on. I save crafting …Continue reading →

MDMS: Times I Have Capsized Success

All the time, with my physical health. Often, with my writing (I suspect that my “I can’t write when the Muse isn’t there” is a way to keep from being too successful. For me the capsizing is usually *before* I get started on something, rather than after I’ve begun. I do a little too much ‘this won’t be perfect so …Continue reading →