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Current and Future Goals and Dreams (2017)

Each year I like to look back over the previous year, and then set goals for the coming year. Many people do this on Jan 1st; I prefer to do it on my birthday. I often refine the accomplishments and goals until my new year, Samhain, but the bulk of the work is done on or around my birthday. I …Continue reading →

Garden Walk!

Yesterday I got a chance to go outside with my camera and capture what is going on in my garden. It’s terribly exciting! First of all, do you see this: It’s a rosebud! One of three on the plant. So early in the season is really astonishing. It means that (relatively) soon, I’ll have sweet perfume again. My Japanese Anemone …Continue reading →

PhotoHunt: Surprise!

We’ve had two waves of gorgeous roses this summer and thought the blooming time was over. But last week, five more buds appeared. PhotoHunt

Garden Joys

At this time of year, J’s ever-blooming gift to me is doing just that: blooming. Here’s some pictures: The lilies are on their 3rd year, the roses on their 2nd. What is astonishing to me is that this: turned into this, a few days later: The flame sort of mellowed into a pink (and the rose faded further over the …Continue reading →