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My mom.

My black Lab, Sasha playing in the snow.

I have one simple addiction that has haunted me my entire life . . .

These are about 1/2 of my shelves. I own approximately 1500 books — greatly reduced and purged into those that I truly love. (When I moved cross country 16 years ago I mostly shipped 3000 books.)

What can I say? I love books and I love to read.

Here is our outside table, covered by our dog’s toys. (Occasionally, I take them, wash them, and dry them in the sun.)

From inside a burned out tree, at Willows Lodge (WA) Oct 2009.

I am very much looking forward to May . . . when the sweet fragrance from this rose will once again fill my nose and surround me.

Hydrangea from my yard.

My two sisters and I.

circa 1980:

and 1994:

Sadly, nothing more recent. I think it’s time we got one!

From the Victoria Albert Musuem in London.

This week’s challenge was too easy!

This is the pavement in front of the Pantheon, which looks like a church, but isn’t.The things to the right are a cluster of Christmas trees.

Paris, January 2009.

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