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Being Hungry

(I almost can’t write this, I still feel intense shame.) There were two times in my my life when I was poor enough to feel actual physical hunger. The first was when my parents first separated and I was living with my mother in a commune in Berkeley (CA).* I’d been wrested from a typical middle-class (white) suburban lifestyle full …Continue reading →

Making Choices for 2017

What a tough year for the world. I could write a maudlin post about the end of America as we know it or about the many deaths of celebrities we used as role models. It would be easy, and I suspect many better writers than I are doing so even now. I choose to instead share my plans for the …Continue reading →

Lessons from Dr. Who

I woke up this morning with some thoughts rumbling around. Many of us are being called to step away from our boring lives and do something just a little bit more to make our worlds safe again. This is a call to change, one happening on a much larger and more obvious scale than previous occurrences. If you’ve ever wanted …Continue reading →


Last night I finally witnessed Beyonce’s Lemonade. I use the word witness in full knowledge of its religious meaning: I was given a powerful narrative of the desperate erasure of black women in America that has nonetheless birthed a Queen. When she quoted Malcom X: “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman “The most unprotected person in …Continue reading →

Dark thoughts

It’s a dark time in the world, and I find myself musing on the last time it felt this way to me.

Spirituality & Activism

Every since I read T. Thorn Coyle’s profoundly beautiful post, “Opposition is a Prayer,” I have been contemplating whether my spiritual practice needs to be politically charged. Are the two linked? In discussions I’ve had people tell me that they equate politics with control, and that much of their of spiritual journey has been about giving up control, so for …Continue reading →

Advice on How to Live Your Life

I read this and was touched, deeply, on many levels. How to live your life: Advice from an American student who was killed in Egypt Andrew Pochter, a 21-year-old Kenyon College student from Chevy Chase, Md., was stabbed to death on June 28 during anti-government protests in Alexandria, Egypt. For most of the past five summers, starting when he was …Continue reading →

It may happen to you — but only if you are a woman

I read this today, and I had to re-blog it. This, in its exactitude, has not happened to me. BUT things very similar have — especially when I was younger and more conventionally sexually attractive. The men I know would never do this. They would never allow a guy *they* know to act like this. But for many many …Continue reading →

“Porn, Piracy, & BitTorrent”

An August 10 feature story in the Seattle Weekly –“Porn, Piracy, & BitTorrent“–takes a deeper than ‘it’s wrong’ look at illegal file-sharing technology. What I found fascinating was the information on how copyright holders are using mass lawsuits to indict and fine people using such technology, a tactic that I (and other right-thinking people) see as extortion. A recurring topic …Continue reading →

Flyers Rights

Specifically, This is another group of good people who are looking out for our best interests. If you travel by airplane, ever, you whnt to support what they are doing. This post is a collection of tidbits from their latest alerts. In the wake of the Pan Am Flight 103 tragedy, the Federal Aviation Agency formed an Aviation Advisory …Continue reading →