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Last night’s class was on Deity, and I found myself talking about how Kali is the one Deity I have a hard time with. I spoke about how I’ve done dark god/dess work for years as part of the class cycle, and quite a bit of it touches on Her, but I still have trouble.

It took almost 18 months, but I finally broke my write-a-blog-post-every-week streak. Ah well, guess I’m not perfect.* To be fair, breaking the streak meant traveling to Paris, San Francisco, and then Georgia within a month, along with some personal things that I’m not ready to share here (yet), so it wasn’t anything small that […]

I woke up this morning with some thoughts rumbling around. Many of us are being called to step away from our boring lives and do something just a little bit more to make our worlds safe again. This is a call to change, one happening on a much larger and more obvious scale than previous […]

I don’t often mention my Samhain ritual here . . . I’ve written about it elsewhere (notably, The Virtual Pagan), and it’s very different from the one I’m usually doing with the class & coven. ThisĀ  year I was simply solitary, and so I share with you my evening.

It makes me so VERY happy to announce that the Art of Ritual class has started a new year! With a much-revised lesson plan that takes advantage of new technologies as well as recent research on adult learners, this year-long class is even better than before. And it was great before. This class will be […]

Creating a kind of mission statement. 1. My mind, body and soul are very important to me. I promise to take care of them by… Treating my body with respect for the hard work it does so elegantly. Cherishing its strength and helping it achieve its best level of health. Feeding my brain art, literature, […]

This ritual was intended to be a test of our new ‘live’ class technology (Zoom), all but one other participant couldn’t make it. So I did the ritual on my own. I’ve already seen results as two former coven members have come forward and asked to be mentors with us in the coming year. I […]

My Mabon Ritual

Just past Mercury’s backward dance this year, I held a Mabon ritual on my own.

What’s Your Routine? “I know that by simply sticking with the process and being open to the unexpected, I create a channel to creative inspiration and that’s a mighty powerful thing.” ~Jennifer Lee, artist This last year has been a challenging one for me in a variety of ways. My recent review of my goals […]

Every year I do a tarot reading for myself to get an idea of what the coming year might bring. Here it is, presented (as usual) without comment.

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