MDMS: 5 Positive Traits About Myself

I am, generally-speaking, a positive person. My current financial difficulties notwithstanding, I am mostly confident that I am making good decisions about my life, living with honesty, compassion, and a high level of personal responsibility.

I am what you see: I don’t spend a lot of time trying to hide or change my personality to conform to some external reality. Yes, I am different at work, but the core personality is the same, I just dial down some aspects (such as: requiring a high level of honesty from those around me) and dial up others (such as: discretion and glibness).

I am compassionate. Given the opportunity to give you a second chance, to work with you to overcome an obstacle, I will do so. To get me to say ‘enough’ you’ve really got to exhaust my resources.

I am intelligent. This one was a long time in realizing. It seems that if you come from a highly intelligent family, and tend to surround yourself with intelligent people, your ‘bar’ is very high. It took me a long time to realize my ability, and longer still to grow accustomed to it and make use of it.

I am organized. Apparently, what I accomplish in a usual day takes other people several days. I believe it’s a matter of efficiency and focus.

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